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We have appeared in the provincial courts of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island , the Northwest Territories and the Yukon. We have represented clients on various matters in the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories and the Court of Queen's Bench in Manitoba. We have appeared at all levels of trial and appellate courts in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We have argued cases before the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa.


Peter Bruce Gunn, the founder of our firm, began practicing as a criminal defence lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta in 1972. He quickly developed a reputation for being an aggressive and powerful advocate. In the 1980s, it became apparent that he had a gift for impaired driving cases. Bruce had keen insight into the scientific and mechanical workings of the instruments and devices used in blood-alcohol testing, as well as a limitless imagination which was put to good use in inventing new defences.

Bruce was joined in the practice by his daughter, Shannon Prithipaul in 2001. Shannon shared her father’s enthusiasm for the law. Together, along with a rapidly expanding office, they continue the legal tradition which the Gunn family began in 1897.

The firm has changed its name a number of times over its long history. Gunn and Company became Gunn Prithipaul Nelson and Strong which in turn became Gunn & Prithipaul. The one constant has always been "Gunn". While the firm grows and develops, we strive to stay true to Bruce Gunn's style of fearless and ethical advocacy. Gunn Law Group reflects our history but also our future.