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Lawyer Bios

Peter Bruce Gunn

Peter Bruce Gunn (1945-2006)

Bruce Gunn came from a long line of lawyers, all of whom graduated from Dalhousie Law School in Nova Scotia. His father, A.O. Gunn graduated in 1949. A.O.’s brother, W.A.D. Gunn graduated in 1925 and went on to become a judge. Finally, A.O.’s father (Bruce’s grandfather), A.D. Gunn graduated in 1897.

Bruce began practicing as a criminal defence lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta in 1972. He quickly developed a reputation for being an aggressive and powerful advocate. In the 1980s, it became apparent that he had a gift for impaired driving cases. Bruce had keen insight into the scientific and mechanical workings of the instruments and devices used in blood-alcohol testing, as well as a limitless imagination which was put to good use in inventing new defences.

Shannon Prithipaul joined the firm in 2001. Shannon is Bruce’s daughter and shares her father’s enthusiasm for the law. As is the tradition in the Gunn family, Shannon articled to her father. Together, along with a rapidly expanding office, they continued the legal legacy until Bruce's death in 2006. Shannon then became managing partner and eventually took sole control of the office in 2016.

Shannon Prithipaul

Shannon Prithipaul

Shannon went to Antigonish, Nova Scotia in 1988 to study in a Bachelor of Science Program at St. Frances Xavier University. After two years in sciences, Shannon changed into the arts program and in 1991 received her Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Shannon then went to the University of Alberta and enrolled in the Bachelor of Education Program at La Faculté Saint Jean. Shannon completed her Bachelor of Education in French with Distinction in 1993. She completed her Bachelor of Law degree in 2001. While in Law School, Shannon received two awards for advocacy: the Al Schumiatcher Prize in second year and the Gordon Wright QC Memorial Award in third year. Shannon received specialized training on the Intoxilyzer 5000C in Calgary in 2004, the Intoxilyzer 8000C in 2008 and the Intox EC IR II in 2012. Shannon runs trials and can conduct appeals in either official language.

In 2008, Shannon was admitted to the Law Society of the Northwest Territories and in 2012 was admitted to the Yukon Bar. Shannon was President of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association from 2013 to 2015.

Shannon’s interests include cycling, sewing, snow-boarding, and in-line skating.

Vernon Eichhorn

Vernon Eichhorn

Vernon received his B.A., with distinction, in Anthropology from the University of Lethbridge. He went to the London School of Economics in England for his Masters degree (again with distinction) in Social Anthropolgy. From 1998 to 2005, Vernon taught as a lecturer at the University of Regina, in Saskatchewan. Vernon was the Corona Coordinator for Student Legal Services for the 2007-2008 year. He was selected in 2007 as the recipient of the Alberta Environmental Appeal Board’s prize in environmental law. Vernon continues to excel and represents his clients in an exemplary fashion.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Steve began his articles with Gunn Law Group in the summer of 2011. Our firm and our clients have come to appreciate Steve's diligence and enthusiasm for the law, as well as his quirky sense of humour. Since his arrival at the office, Steve has proven to be a formidable advocate. His work in a number of cases has been ground-breaking. He has represented clients at all levels of court in Alberta. In 2015, Steve was awarded the Criminal Trial Lawyers' Association's "Top Gunn" award for advocacy.

Adam Klassen

Adam obtained Honours in his Bachelors of Sciences degree in 2006 at Thompson Rivers University before going on to complete his Juris Doctor of Laws at the University of Alberta in 2013. While in university, he was a project coordinator for Student Legal Services. Adam was admitted to the bar in 2014. Since then, Adam has run trials in Provincial Court as well as the Court of Queen's Bench and run appeals of administrative license suspsensions before the Transportation Safety Board. Gunn Law Group was pleased to welcome Adam to its firm in 2017.