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Office Administrator


Pam was originally from southwestern Ontario and joined our firm in 1994. While unofficially occupying the role for many years, she officially became the Office Administrator of Gunn Law Group in 2008. Pam is the person with whom you will probably speak when you call the office the first time. You can ask Pam or your case manager about disclosure requests.

Firm Bookkeeper


Kelsey was born and raised in Alberta.  She joined our firm in 2008 as a legal assistant, but has been working as the firm’s bookkeeper since 2010.  Outside of work, Kelsey recently completed a management degree, majoring in accounting.  If you have questions about your account you can ask Kelsey for clarification.

Case Managers


Florence grew up in a family of 13 on a farm in a French community in Saskatchewan. She later moved to Manitoba where Florence met her husband. They moved around quite a bit because of Florence’s husband’s work. They decided to settle down in Alberta in October, 2002 and in February, 2003, Florence joined our firm. Florence works primarily with Vern and Sean's clients. She is completely bilingual in French and English.

Si vous voulez communiquer avec notre bureau en français, nous vous prions de vous addresser à Florence ou Stefanie. Elles peuvent vous donner de l’information préliminaire à propos de notre bureau et elles peuvent vous diriger vers un avocat qui peut vous assister en français.


Stefanie grew up just north of Montréal, Quebec, and moved to Alberta in May, 2015. She joined the firm in February, 2017. Stefanie is completely billungual in French and English, and mainly works with Shannon's clients.


Shaela was born in Southern Ontario and lived there for 12 years until moving to Alberta in 2000. Shaela joined the firm in March, 2017, and works with Steve and Adam's clients.


Susan - Our secret weapon.